AI-based production planning and optimization

nextMO is our AI-based solution for discrete manufacturing:
With state-of-the-art AI technology, we define the AI-PS of tomorrow!

The Product

nextMO is our AI-based solution for discrete manufacturing and consists of three elements: The nextMO OPTIMIZIER plans the production sequence of all workpieces - with minimal set-up times for the entire production process. It optimizes capacity utilization and production times even with highly dynamic parallel production. The nextMO SIMULATOR is the digital twin of production and enables the optimization of future order scenarios. The simulator also independently makes suggestions for improving the production facilities. The nextMO CONDITION MONITORING reports the real utilization of the machine and gives the optimizer feedback for improvement. The machine status in real time enables the optimizer to dynamically improve the production sequence.

Die Herausforderung der KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung

The challenge of efficient production processes

Potential production volumes are often not achieved during the operation of a plant. There are many reasons for this: the set-up times of machines between production steps take longer than planned, urgently required workpieces (preliminary products) are not available or an important machine breaks down at short notice.

Manual adjustment or even optimization of production processes in real time is then too complex and time-consuming. This situation will be made even more difficult in future by the shortage of skilled workers and the expected retirement of many experienced employees.

The solution with nextMO

nextMO relies on artificial intelligence and analyzes all available data. Unlike MES systems, our software solution takes into account all workpieces passing through production and the status of the machines, among other things.

As a result nextMO can:

  • identify bottlenecks in daily production planning
    and optimize the processing of
  • orders in real time
  • simulate future production scenarios
Ihre Lösung mit KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung
Optimierung durch KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung

We optimize, you benefit!

With nextMO, your production processes become continuously more efficient and reliable:

  • The production volume can be increased by up to 20% with the same machinery
  • The planning effort for production can be reduced by up to 80%
  • Reliable planning adjustments can be made in real time if necessary

Our services & advantages of AI-based production planning and optimization

Our top reference

Your benefits with nextMO...

Unternehmensführung mit KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung

... in corporate management

  • Increased efficiency with the same use of resources
  • Increased satisfaction among employees and customers
  • Greater reliability with deadlines
  • Transparent production figures
Produktionsleitung mit KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung

... in production management

  • Decision support through automated production planning in real time
  • Focus and time for expert tasks
  • Significant reduction in planning tasks, communication and coordination effort
  • Real-time production overview
Fertigung mit KI-basierte Produktionsplanung
 und -optimierung

... as an employee in production

  • Reliable support in the planning of work steps
  • Real-time recommendations in the event of unexpected events

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Our strength: Concentrated know-how and a large network!

nextMO is part of the AI Company Builder NEXT Data Service and the corporate network UNITY Innovation Alliance. This gives us both in-depth know-how in the fields of AI, ML and SaaS as well as a valuable network of specialized customers and experts. All in all, this gives us +25 years of experience in production optimization and business creation and consulting